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Kurilian Bobtail Cattery


Our cattery breeds Kurilian Bobtail cats. They are very beautiful and strong animals with good health and a picturesque appearance. We are members of Movimento Felino Italiano (MFI), as well as RosKosh Club WCF (Moscow).

All animals in our cattery have pedigrees issued by Russian clubs of WCF: RosKosh (Moscow), Alisa Best (Moscow) etc. Our pets have always received maximum scores and often have been marked with various prizes and awards at WCF’s international exhibitions.

Kurilian Bobtail – a unique breed of cats. They are beautiful, strong, graceful, intelligent and affectionate, but, above all, they are extremely faithful to their owner. For this reason, they are more similar to dogs than cats.

The Kurilian Bobtails are for those who want a pet, but cannot choose betweens a cat and a dog, for those who want a truly faithful pet, for those who love travelling and walking with their pet, for those who appreciate animals’ devotion, for those who love and appreciate the beauty of wildlife.

The Kurilians Bobtails are suitable for those who are allergic to pets’ fur, for they do not cause any allergic reactions.

At our site you can get acquainted with this wonderful breed, enjoy moments from the lives of our pets, looking through our photo gallery and choose a kitten you like.

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