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Welcome to the website of Kurilian Bobtail Cattery!

Cats are the most loved animals in the world

How many cat lovers are there in the world, how many cats live with us bringing to our lives joy and happiness – it’s impossible to guess! Thanks to their incredible gifts, cats have conquered the trophy of best loved pet in the world!

Gatti di razza Kurilian Bobtail

World of cats

The world of cats is very different and super rich. There are various and numerous breeds of cats it is common and famous to little known and rare. Among the rare breeds there is the Kurilian Bobtail breed that we breed.

How many of you know that in nature there are a breed of cat with a short tail like a ‘pon pon’ and have a unique character like a dog? We are sure that almost no one knows of this breed, because they are still very rare and live on small islands far away in the pacific.

Fortunately, now you can see them, get to know them and admire them much closer than before.

New Litter!

About us

We are a small cattery that breeds this rare, unique and fantastic breed of cat called Kurilian Bobtail.

We are members of the Feline Club of Moscow (Russia) “RosKosh” WCF.

We have been breeding these marvellous cats since 2011.

All the cats in our cattery have a very high genealogy and are perfect examples of pure breed Kurilian Bobtails as the feline exhibitions confirm with our cats always receiving awards.

Our website

On our website you can get to know this wonderful breed and gather more information about us and the cats that we breed. You can discover the incredible, fantastic character of the Kurilian Bobtail. Obviously, it’s impossible to truly know exactly what a Kurilian is like until you have one yourself!

On the “Articles” page you can find stories of those who have experienced this splendid breed, learn how those people feel after having one of our cats join their family.

You can see our breeding cats on the page “Our pets”.

On the page “Kittens for sale” you will find all our available kittens. Look through the photos, choose the kitten you like the most and he or she could become your lifelong friend and part of the family.

You can send us an email for information or to reserve a kitten on the “Contacts” page.

In our “Gallery” page you will find plenty of lovely photos of the cats and kittens that we have bred. We assure you, professionally and sincerely, that all photos found in our gallery are exclusively cats and kittens from our cattery.

Finally, also don’t miss out on the “Video” page where you have the possibility of watching videos of our cats.

The story of the breed Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtail, a unique breed of cat. They are beautiful, strong, gracious, intelligent, gentle and affectionate, but most of all, what makes them different to other breeds is their incredible and fascinating devotion to their owners. This is the characteristic of their character that makes them more like dogs than cats.

This being the reason that the Kurilian Bobtail is perfect for those who want a pet, but can’t decide between cat or dog; for those who want a true sincere friend; for those who love to travel and go for long walks with their furry friend, for those who appreciate their devotion; for those who love and value the natural beauty of wildlife.

These cats can also be owned by those who are allergic to cat hair as the fur of the Kurilian Bobtail normally causes no allergic reaction at all.

Kurilian Bobtails are hypoallergenic!!!

To conclude, we thank you for entering our website, and we sincerely welcome you and hope you have spent a few pleasant, serene and interesting moments.