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Small kitten in growth

In these few minutes you can follow the growth that beautiful kitten practically from its birth. We filmed the moments of the life of that beautiful kitten to show how to change a little kitten growing up and having fun with him.

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Funny kittens

Here’s to enjoy the beautiful kittens of a wonderful breed that Kurilian Bobtail. They are also called “Domestic Lynx.” But look how beautiful they are! They are children of Fantasia and Sanny of our cattery.
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Kurilian Bobtail cats on Italian TV

The protagonists of the “PETROLIO” broadcast on RAI 1 Greta and Sunny. We were happy to participate with our cats in a special program that was dedicated to cats.
We are pleased that the breed we breed is becoming increasingly known.

All transmission you can see here: CLICK

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Kurilian Bobtail Cattery TRUE KURILIANS

Recording on television from 5/04/2015 Animals Chronicles (Rai 2)
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Cat Tree

It is a beautiful Cat Tree made by hand with all our love for the treasures, and with the experience of the breeder.

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The cat speak!

How nice would it be if we could understand what our treasures say! Being careful and listening carefully to their verses you can understand so many things. In the video you will hear how a Kurilian Bobtail is expressed. It is a splendid specimen of this breed, rare and wonderful that we breed in our cattery.