Two Kurilian Bobtails




Two Kurilian Bobtails Are a Big Hit in Sunny California


One of best decisions I’ve made was to travel from our home in California to Northern Italy to pick up my two Kurilian Bobtail kittens from the Russian monks who operate the True Kurilian Cattery.  There are very few of this breed of feline in the U.S., but now there are two more!


While visiting the beautiful country of Italy and enjoying all it has to offer, meeting the monks was extra special.  The monks are wonderfully kind and could not have been more hospitable.  They take great care of their cats and it shows in how well-adjusted their kittens are.

Kurilian Bobtails are a Russian breed from the Kuril Islands, situated between Russia and Japan.  They were bred to help control the rat population on these rugged islands and thus are excellent hunters.  Most do not mind running water and some, including one of ours, are fascinated by it.

My male, Misha, adjusted easily and quickly to his new environment here in California.  He is a very personable fellow, full of fun and energy.  He is a true acrobat, jumping incredibly high after feathers and toys.  He also likes to carry toys in his mouth and even retrieves them, almost like a dog!  In fact, many of their characteristics are dog-like. They love “hanging” with their people, just being nearby or even cuddling up on the couch.  And we’ve been told that they even stand up to and get along with any dogs in the family.

My female, Natalya, was born in Russia and then brought to Italy by the monks.  She is a true princess and enjoys climbing into bed with me.  But she is also an athlete and, when the urge strikes, runs around the house like a demon.

Kurilian Bobtails come in many colors — orange tabby, tiger striped, grey striped, tortoise shell, and black and white.  Hair length varies; ours have short hair on their heads and legs, but their manes and body hairs are fluffy, long, and very soft. My husband threatens to hitch them to an old broom handle and use them as a mop!

Kurilian Bobtails can get large — up to 15 pounds for mails, and 12 pounds for females.  Their fur is fluffy, very soft, and hypoallergenic.  And so far as I know, the breed has no serious health problems.  One special trait of this breed is their bobtail, which, like a fingerprint, is different and unique to each cat.  Our female’s bobtail is a fluffy plume, while our male has a short “corkscrew” bobtail.            

Healthy, well-adjusted, good with people and other pets, easy to care for, and a joy to have around—that pretty much sums everything up.  Love my Kurilian Bobtails!  

So, thank you, monks!